Wednesday, July 13, 2011

High Tea & Bowling


So this is what I wore today. The reason i'm wearing a dress today is because I went to High Tea today at Image Super Store. It was an AA event and there was a prize for best dressed.

Sadly Melbourne weather lived up to its reputation today and we had one of our sunshine on a rainy day kind of days. I was lucky though, I managed to be indoors or under cover every time there was a heavy rain. 


High tea was okay.... I think my expectations were a bit high but I was  able to have a nice chat with friends over some tea and scones.

These are my friends Katrina & CK, they're a lovely couple and I spent most of my day with these two. 

CK also won best dressed at high tea and won this ADORABLE camera USB! I wish I won, that camera is  just SO cute. Any miniature version of anything is cute!

After some pool & dinner with Kat & CK, my boyfriend and I went to play a game of bowling!

I played terribly tonight! My boyfriend kicked my ass in both games!!

I swear I normally get at least 100 points!!

Anyway that's all for now, i'll definitely be posting up a contact lens review for 3 different pairs by this Tuesday or Wednesday.


  1. ahh so cute! i love going high tea... so relaxing and fun just gossiping with friends and enjoying great finger food!

  2. I also loved High Tea and Crazy about the High Tea. High tea is an English meal that includes light food and tea.

  3. Tea is the best drink for me. I is my favorite drink. I like to drink tea 3-4 times in day. I also like High Tea. There are many benefits in drinking tea.