Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Moar Food & Drink


On friday I celebrated my good friend, Katrina's birthday at Match Bar. It was a really great night filled with drinks, delicious food and good company. Here are some of the drinks we had.

This HUMONGOUS drink is called Nicola Six, I was charmed by the bartenders to get the bigger size.

We also had some pink wine bought by our friend Evan.

AND THIS IS CALLED A ZOMBIE. It's usually served  in these tiki cups and are SO FUCKING STRONG. They've got about 5 different rums in them and a bunch of other stuff, they're so strong you're limited to two a person.

That's just the drinks we had...for more details visit Katrina's blog HERE. It's also got a lot of delicious recipes.

Other than drinks, I've had a lot of cake recently.

This is a green tea & red bean cake that I had at a dessert place in Box Hill. It was quite disappointing but the dessert place seemed very popular, I was there at 11:30pm and the placed was PACKED!

On the bright side, my sister made an amazing chocolate cake for our Aunt's birthday this weekend. I had a GIANT piece of it. So much for losing weight. D:

That's all for now, there'll be a new blog tomorrow as well. Also don't forget to vote for me HERE by liking the photo and commenting on it would be great too! We made it to over 100 votes! THANK YOU!! 

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