Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chunky Blog, Chunky Shoes.


Here is what I wore today, I'm wearing my boyfriend's tank top today.

I also wore my new shoes today to break them in! I love them and they are heaps comfier than I expected!

Anyway today I went out to kind of tutor a friend of mine in Japanese, he's planning on teaching English there and so he'd like to have at least a basic knowledge in Japanese before he goes. He's a quick learner and very very enthusiastic so I think he'll make heaps of progress very fast.

Of course we had lunch first! Who can study on an empty stomach?!


I ended up teaching him at Starbucks, which was good 'cos I could have my daily dose of tea! He's a very good and keen student. 

We also did a light bit of shopping today, we checked out Tokuya (とくや) on Bourke Street.

I bought myself a little travel case for my contact lenses.

I also finally bought a coloured eyebrow pencil and i'll do a quick review of it tomorrow. It's Palty and it's a very Gyaru brand so i'm hoping it'll have a good result.

I received 2 parcels in the mail today! As I've mentioned before I LOVVEE to get parcels in the mail!

The first parcel was a huge order of contact lenses for me and my friends. 

 I got two pairs...One of them was Geo Princess Mimi Green. 

The second pair will be a surprise as I'll be wearing them for my Ma Couleurs submission!

The second parcel was a pair of false lashes I ordered on eBay.

They're very dolly like, which is what i wanted and considering the VERY cheap price i'm satisfied with the quality of them. Here's a picture of me wearing them, I'm also wearing the Princess Mimi lenses in the photo too.

Without flash

Left eye: with lashes - Right eye: without lashes

Anyway that's all for now! Expect a BUNCH of product reviews in the next few blogs. :)


    and donsaeng! did you bleach your hair again? where are your regrows???

  2. Oh yer, i did bleach my hair again! It's like 3 different colours now. lol

    Who is this btw?! D:

  3. OOH beautiful hair color! I wanna to that as well but it seems very high maintenance. lol

    Beautiful lashes by the way ^_^