Sunday, March 3, 2013

Storm in a Teacup.

Hello There,
I recently took a trip down Smith St for a long overdue visit to Storm in a Teacup. Storm in a Teacup is the baby of Sarah Cowell former tea sommelier at Vue de Monde, whom I had the pleasure of meeting when I had dinner there. Her tea knowledge and passion is inspirational and I am glad she could share her love of tea with all of Melbourne now.

Basically Storm in a Teacup is a Tea bar, so they are a bar but specialize in brewing tea as well. A place like this was a heaven sent for me, there are very few places in Melbourne that do their tea justice. Most 'tea drinkers' are happy sipping from a teapot crammed with too many leaves, filled with boiling water, steeping for much too long. At Storm in a Teacup, no matter which tea you select from their extensive list, you can be sure that the tea you are drinking is brewed with the utmost respect and care. The water temperature is perfect, the steeping time is exact and the ratio of tea and leaves is well balanced.

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In simpler words, they do tea RIGHT.
They also do some pretty damn good cocktails as well. ;)


I, of course could not resist their little food menu. I shared a charcuterie board and a vegie smash plate with my friend. Charcuterie boards are always great but what surprised me was the vegie smash. I really really enjoyed the flavours; there was an eggplant, beetroot and pumpkin vegie smash. Just really good simple flavours that I polished off in no time. All the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly so they can really help you decide on a tea as well as tempt you to try their selection of cakes.
They're always baking something new so pop in and have a look. 


If you're a true lover of tea, you'll love this place. It's just amazing that a place like this has opened, it's a reflection of Melbourne's growing tea community and the recognition of tea's importance in culinary society. 
I sincerely hope you guys check this place out, it's doing some great things.

  48A Smith Street
  Collingwood, Vic. 3066
Telephone: (03) 9415 9593
Opening Hours:  Tues & Wed 10am-6pm
                                  Thurs 10am-9pm
                                Fri & Sat 10am-11pm
                                    Sun 10am-6pm
                                    Closed Monday