Tuesday, April 24, 2012



So today's blog is going to be a lot more fashion-ish than food-ish for once.
On friday night it was my friend, Alison's 20th birthday party. We went to Sorry Grandma's.

This is what I wore that night, the dress is from Alice in the Eve but I removed the sleeves. I paired it with something that I am VERY excited to tell you about.

This leather collar was actually made by a friend of mine. She's a budding shoe/leather accessories designer and EXTREMELY talented. The collar is handmade with real Italian sheep leather and is GORGEOUS.

Her label is called KIM SHU, I strongly suggest you check her facebook page out. You can even see the whole creation process of my collar in an album on the page.


Speaking of shoes, today was by far the luckiest day I've ever had shopping wise. What started out as just "window shopping" ended up in 2 new pairs of shoes at RIDICULOUS prices.

These are my new Jeffrey Campbell Two Timers, they were $35 and my size! I could not believe it.

These velvet wedges were reduced down from $110 to 30 fucking dollars. The shoes are apparently designed by Tony Bianco, so I'm pretty happy knowing they're good quality and even more happy with the sweet sweet price. 


So yeah, I got unbelievably lucky today. I'm gonna go do a happy dance now.

And here's some sushi, cos it's not a Carrie blogpost unless there's food in there somewhere!


Thanks for reading, It's getting cold in Melbourne now so stay warm and don't catch a cold.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another blog from the now 20 year old Carrie.

Hi Readers! 
(are there any of you left?)

I know it's been a while....Uni, work and my life has been pretty hectic lately!
So i'm not gonna beat around the bush, i'm gonna head straight to the food porn from my birthday dinner and then just whatever else I've been up to! 



So dinner started with drinks~

Freshly Shucked Pristine Oysters

Tempura Soft shell crab

Atlantic Seafood Cocktail

The King George Whiting (this was my sister's boyfriend's main)

Olive oil confit Salmon with Tempura stuffed zucchini flower (my sister's main)

I didn't get a photo of mine or my boyfriend's main but who cares! here's dessert!

This was my boyfriend's and sister's, a Raspberry tart with Raspberry sorbet.

My sister's boyfriend's desert was a Peanut Butter and Jelly "sandwich"

This is mine! Strawberries and Cream shortbread with Lemon Mascarpone.

And finally an assortment of hard and soft cheeses.

This is also what I wore on my birthday~


Sushi Burger! Kani Croquette burger.

So I might have a cappuccino addiction as well....

Eggs Benedict with Salmon

Onigiri made my by friend's mum.

A cute cupcake from my cousin for my birthday.

Yumcha on Easter with my parents at The Lucky Chan

Pomegranate iced tea 


That's all for food, I've also been back up to my friend's farm. We did the usual bonfire and kicking back.

Hello cow.


I also just impulse bought myself a new perfume... Ralph Lauren's Summer Romance. It smells really nice, I hope the people who generally smell me like it as well. haha


Alright thanks for reading such a long post, guys! Until next time.....

Hello Duckling.