Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kick it with Kat.


so this is what i wore today.....

i wanted to wear this necklace for some reason today so i tried to work around it.

So today i had a nice day hanging out with my friend Katrina. We planned to see the movie Bridesmaids together. It was a hoot and a half. lol

Firstly i had no idea what this movie was about and thought it was a chick flick. It's NOT a chick flick. It was hilarious though but what else do you expect from the writers of 40 year old virgin? If you haven't seen it, i recommend you do. It's good for those silly face-palming laughs plus Rose Byrne is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL.

Afterwards we had some tea & coffee where I got a good look at Kat's newest tattoo of a feather on her foot.

It was a lot bigger than i expected but it's very nice and detailed....Whilst we were having tea, my friend from earlier this week who also got a tattoo done gave me a good look at his one as well!

It's looking really good, the ink is really dark and is healing nicely. So many of my friends are getting tattoos lately!

So after our really long tea and coffee session, we met up with Kat's boyfriend, who's also a good friend of mine for dinner. We had dinner on Chapel street at a place called Cafe Sienna. It was very pricey but the steak my friends ordered looked really good.

My day was then completed by my boyfriend coming to join us for an after dinner coffee. It was delightful, we were having very intense Hanging with Friends matches against each other. lol

On the way home my boyfriend and i planned to watch the Transformers in 3D at imax tomorrow, looking forward to it HEAAAPPPS!

Anyway that is all for tonight, i'm off to watch Lady Gaga's interviews in Japan.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

千 One thousand 千

so this is gonna be a long ass blog

Besides my work uniform (an ugly purple shirt), here is what I wore today

It's nothing spectacular but i was just amazed that the weather was so nice today I could wear a thin blue cardigan (stolen from my sister's closet) and be comfortable.

So anyway...These past couple days have been very eventful and i'll start with Thursday! On Thursday night an old and very good friend of mine came down from the Gold Coast with his new girlfriend! I always have heaapps of fun when he comes down, it's a shame he's only here until Tuesday. They make a really cute couple 'cos they're both half chinese, i'll upload some awesome pictures of them soon. :)


So on Friday i went clubbing with them. We went to XVII which was having some sort of ASEAN & AA event called 'Blurple' but i didn't even know LOL

I don't know why there's a picture of 2NE1 on there but needless to say, I didn't wear any blue or purple.

This is what i wore instead, i seldom club or wear dresses but i think i spruce up nicely.

Sadly everything Ryan Higa said in his vlog here was right. XVII was one of the smaller clubs that i've been to so i didn't dance a lot and i was pretty much being elbowed in my boobs, face and shoved around a lot. Plus the "free drink" i was supposed to get turned out to be just a SHOT of apple juice and it ran out before i even got to the bar. D:

So i called it an early night, left the club in a terrible mood but was awesomely cheered up by my gorgeous boyfriend with a kebab run at Lipos kebabs, which was very satisfying and cheap!

And finally some good news i had just discovered! I'm either at or REALLY close to my goal weight! I set my goal weight earlier this year, which is 49kg and i weighed myself tonight and it said 49!. For a benefit of a doubt i'm gonna say i'm 50kg 'cos my weight is probably not that stable yet, but i can not believe i've lost 4-5kg. :D

that's all for now from the slowly-getting-thinner carrie!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shopping, Tattoos, Disney Princesses


This is what i wore today. I really am a Melburnian, i wear SO much black.
I started my day off today with a little bit of shopping on my own. I always enjoy shopping on my own.

After the shopping i accompanied my friend to get his third tattoo, we did it at a little place near Flinders street. The guy there had 27 years experience of tattooing and he was full of awesome stories and swore heaps, i loved him.

Here's the final result, It says 'Stand Tall' which is very appropriate because my friend is 6"4.


I ran into another friend today who i haven't seen for a while, we ended up just walking around window shopping just catching up on our lives.

We finally had our first peek of Zara, which was a bit disappointing. I think it was too hyped up and my expectations were too high, the place is HUUGGEE though! 3 levels worth of their clothes!


Now finally...........


I'm so relieved to hear that i've gotten through, the last theme was a really tough one and i had some serious competition. So Ma Couleurs has finally decided the new theme and it is...............


it's very exciting because i LOVE Disney movies. I'm not so sure how i'll pull off a princess look but i'll definitely try my best, I chose Cinderella because she's blonde and one of the very few dresses i own happens to be a powder blue.

One more thing, if you love Disney princesses, contact lenses and dressing up...Do i have news for you!? Ma Couleurs is holding a competition where you can win 2 free pair of contact lenses by dressing up as a Disney Princess of your choice! More details at the Ma Couleurs page HERE.


Looking forward to seeing all of your entries!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Black light Mini Golf !


Some pretty cool stuff has been happening this weekend. Well...maybe not THAT cool but i like it. I got into this new iPhone game called 'Hanging with Friends' which is from the same makers of 'Words with Friends' i'm guessing.

It's VERY addictive and i love it 'cos i can actually win a game unlike in Words with Friends. :(

Among other good things i had a lovely Friday with my boyfriend. We had dinner at a Japanese Restaurant and he surprised me by taking me to a mini golf place! not just any mini golf though......Black Light Mini Golf ! ! It was really cool! I didn't know there was such a place in Melbourne until now. Check the score card!

This was the 2nd game...I didn't keep the first one but i TOTALLY destroyed Jack in the first game. *coughcoughcough* I had a lot of fun though!! :D
I would've taken photos of the place but it's so dark inside, you can't see anything!


Now lately i've started to wear two mascaras, one for length and one for volume. Surprisingly it makes a significant difference, that is if you're willing to spend the extra time in the morning applying a little bit more mascara than usual.
I have to say i'm quite satisfied. I'll probably wear fake eyelashes if i want a more dramatic look but this is good for when i'm just casually going out and don't feel like any fancy make up or lashes.


teeheeheehee it's got false eyelashes! xD

Anyway that's all for now, i'm still recovering from my 11 hour crazy ass shift of work on saturday and i've got to study for my Japanese exam tomorrow.

Perhaps i'll do a Japanese blog post sometime soon, i'll have more time after my last exam tomorrow! Anyway WISH ME LUCK!