Sunday, December 4, 2011

Strawberries, Rockpool, Epic Meal Time.

Hello Everyone!

It's been a long time since the last blog and I have quite a bit to write about with lots of pictures as well.

Let's start with today:

taken by Carmen Nguyen

As an early celebration for my Grandparents' birthday (They have the same birthday!) We decided to take them to Mornington for a nice day trip with fun activities and strawberry picking. Today was really delightful, it's a shame the weather was kind of cold though.


We also had a walk around this kind of wetland park. It was filled with lots of random and funny signs and had giant chess and checker sets that we played games on as well.

There was also a hedge maze that we went through as well!


 taken by Andy Phan

Whilst some of the family picked strawberries, I had tea and scones and a strawberry chocolate fondue with my parents and friend Andy. It was so great! I was looking forward to it all day.

There were also Alpacas there! They're so funny....they're so shaggy and smelly too.


These past couple weeks have also been very interesting as well.

I took my parents out for their 22nd anniversary. My parents are the greatest, sticking together for over 2 decades and still very much in love. My sister and I took them out to dinner at the French/Modern Australian restaurant I went to earlier this year called 'Noir', which I blogged about here.


Speaking of nice restaurants, we very belatedly celebrated my boyfriend's birthday with his family at Rockpool located inside Crown on Monday night. It was just amazing, amazing food and atmosphere.
Neil Perry is the owner of Rockpool and he's a very famous Australian chef, who you've probably seen on masterchef. He also co-ordinator of the first and business class flight menu at Qantas.

  Sorry, I didn't take any pictures. The whole restaurant is quite dimly lighted and I thought it was a bit rude to be taking photos with my phone the whole time instead of eating.

I ate Alaskan crab and King prawns as an entree and had Wagyu chuck braised in red wine with potato puree as my main. Dessert was dark chocolate pudding tart with chocolate sorbet and I accompanied my meal with a nice glass of champagne. A great steak is what this place is really known for, they've got a lot of great dry aged meat.


I also spent a great day celebrating my friend's birthday at his place! We went to Box Hill to have Dorayaki and had our own Epic Meal Time. You know? Like on Youtube?

THIS abomination is deep fried cider battered burgers, burger filled deep fried wontons, chicken fingers and candy bacon. We made this together and it was the fattiest thing I've ever eaten in my entire life. The deep fried burgers were actually pretty good....But I felt like the hugest fatty after eating it. Definitely a once in a life time kind of meal!


I got a question on my formspring saying that I'm really fake looking and should stop wearing so much make up. I'm starting to agree though, lately I'm preferring myself without make up too. What do you guys think?

Sadly my skin isn't always that calm and it gets red a lot, so there's no way in hell i'm going out without makeup until I sort that out and I only have coloured lenses and I'm blind without them so I can't go out without them either. lol


Anyway enough of this rambling. Have a nice week everyone, I'm going to be working heaps from now on!
I'll try to blog as much as possible!