Thursday, March 29, 2012

The big two-oh!

Good evening, readers.

Yes, that's my twin in the background.


So no more dilly dallying, here's what I've been up to! (aka the food i've been eating)

A pretty cappuccino from San Churro.

Mum's roast chicken and potatoes.

A creme brulee from Giraffe cafe, it was just okay.

This is the inside of Giraffe, cute eh?

Harajuku crepes.

This is the one I got.

A fruit fondue for one.

Soft shell crab ramen from Kokoro Ramen. Incredible, authentic japanese ramen with a lively atmosphere!

Some chinese food, this was beef...

Eggplant and scallops. yum.

Tea from Oriental Tea House.

Fried Wontons. 


Seasoned bread and eggplant dip.

Calamari and melon salad.

Strawberry and Rhubarb pudding with custard.

All of that food was from this place! It's a temporary restaurant that was set up for the Melbourne food and wine festival. All the food was australian produce, the herbs and spices were grown on the rooftop. It was one of those really organic, environmentally friendly places. The chefs were also covered in tatts, which were pretty cool.

Their table setting is so cute.

Even the way they give you your bill is adorable.

The thing that probably catches your eye the most is that the entire restaurant is covered in these pot plants, it's really cool. They're little strawberry plants, I think.

Anyway, I best be going. I still have to do my homework and it's me and my twin's birthday tomorrow so gotta get ready!

See you guys soon!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quick post about my eye make up.

It's me again!

Just a brief post because I saw a question on formspring about my eye makeup.....Basically they were just wondering if I wore false lashes and glued my eyelids. So the answer is on special occasions and no. lol


I don't see how anyone would think I wore false lashes, my top lashes are quite short.  But my "secret" is a SHIT TON of mascara and fortunately having bottom lashes. lol

As for the fold, that's from my Dad. I think vietnamese people tend to have double eyelids more frequently in comparison to other asian so thanks, dad!

I don't think I'd be up to doing a tutorial so I recommend you look up michellephan or whoever, they'd be better than I would. 

Anyway that's all, I'm pretty exhausted from hanging out with my uni friends.

This gorgeous gal is my best uni friend, I break my bathroom mirror picture rules for her.

Goodnight, everyone.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Atlantic

Hello Readers!

After such a long time I'm back with another blog! I'm back at uni now and with work as well, i'll be even busier and probably even more tired to blog but i'll really really try to blog more often.


Anyway the highlight of my week would probably be the dinner I had on Friday.
It was very spur of the moment but I was at crown with my boyfriend and I wanted to treat him to a nice dinner. We ended up at The Atlantic, which is a seafood restaurant that opened not too long ago at Crown and I LOVE it.

This place had a really great atmosphere, you could see the lights from the trees outside and the restaurant gets filled with a warm glow when the hourly flames outside of Crown come on as well.

This was our Yellow Fin Tuna Tartar, it was completely not what we expected when we thought of tartar but it was delicious.

Now this was our seafood platter, filled with prawns, oysters, mussels, crab, scallops and morton bay bugs!

We had to wear these bibs whilst we ate them as well, I felt kinda silly when the waiter put them on us. I was sooo full after eating it all but it was amazing! so tasty and fresh!


The Atlantic is most definitely one of the places you would describe by saying "Come for the food, stay for the service" The waiter we had was the most delightful man EVER. He was attentive, friendly, humorous and so generous to us. He gave us a tour of the kitchen, explained how everything worked for us and even introduced us to the dessert chef. She was such a sweet looking girl....

This was the dessert he surprised us with, it was his personal favourite. It was kind of like a creme brulee custard with crushed nuts and spices, blueberries and a baklava biscuit. So yummy.

The generosity continued though when he surprised us with ANOTHER complimentary dessert which was a chocolate moussey kind of thing with a kind of chocolate base at the bottom. It was amazing, so rich and smooth. He even put a candle in it just because! 

The two gentlemen next to us also had the seafood platter and they were very friendly and joked with us, they even offered us a glass of wine but we politely declined. We both left the restaurant in such high spirits, I'll definitely go back when I get the chance.


I realise I haven't blogged about my China trip yet, so i'll probably do that sometime this week. (hopefully)

Thanks for reading, bye bye!