Friday, July 1, 2011

Be an Optimist Prime, Not a Negatron.


as you've probably already figured out, i went and saw the transfomers movie on thursday night. My boyfriend and i went and saw it in 3D at IMAX cinema, which has an EXTREMELY large screen! The movie was very entertaining and i enjoyed every moment! We had to watch the movie at the 11:50pm session as all the other sessions were wayyyy too full but it was worth it!

Here we are wearing our funky 3D glasses, it makes me look like Lady Gaga, doesn't it? xD
Before we went to imax though we had HEAPS of time to kill which was spent going to Footscray to have some good Pho at Hung Vuong and then a nice spot of tea at Match Bar, i'm sad they don't have green tea though but i'm definitely gonna try their cocktails next time i go back !

In the past 2 days i've been getting HEAPS of parcels in the mail ! !

It's only 3 parcels but i NEVER get stuff in the mail so i'm VERY excited. I'll show you what's in the parcels in my next blog, so stay tuned! ;)

Finally a friend of mine has lent me a lovely little dress for my Alice in Wonderland submission for the Geo Lenses competition! I tried it on today and it fits quite well, can't wait for you guy to see it!! I'm also looking forward to the shoot, which i hopefully will be doing next week! :)

That's all for now!

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