Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lei ho ma, Girl? (HK TRIP)

I'm still alive, readers!
Did any of you miss me?.......

In case you didn't know I've been on holiday! I went to Hong Kong with my boyfriend. I'm currently in Wuhan, which is in China and where my boyfriend grew up. 

Hong Kong was very exciting, it was my first time travelling overseas. We left Melbourne, arrived in a rainy Sydney and then hopped on a plane towards Hong Kong! :)

The view from the plane window.

We did a lot of random stuff in Hong Kong. We shopped a lot, explored a lot and played a lot of arcade games. 

We mostly ate though!!

There were a lot more things we did, like eat at Caprice at the Four Seasons, watch the fireworks from The Peak and go to Madam Tussauds.

Lady Gaga!


Finally after a few hours of waiting at Hung Hom station we made our way to China. :)

A really rushed blog, i'll write more about China and upload more photos when I get home.


  1. Love Hong Kong~! My friend who lives there said they have been experiencing lots of varied temperatures, it'll be very hot one day but very cold the next. D: Hope you had fun^-^ ~ You must have had so much delicious food *-*

  2. Did you have a myspace account? Your blog name sounds kind of familiar all of a sudden @^@ Or maybe it's someone else I'm thinking about XD

  3. looks like a lot of us have gone to Hong Kong recently! :D hope you have heaps of fun while you're still over there! judging by those tickets, you've been to that Ngon Ping Temple?? and LOL@Lady Gaga. too bad i didn't get to that place with all those "celebrities" ;) HAHAH.

  4. Keep having fun Carrie! :D Looks like you're having a blast eating all those yummy food! Be safe! x