Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day


I hope all you couples had a romantic and lovely day and for those of you who are single, hope you guys had a good day too! the weather was pretty nice today, so I hope you didn't spend it moping and saying "forever alone"


Because we recently came back from China, the boyfriend and I didn't really have any plans for Valentine's day, but we both have wanted to go to Nobu for quite a while. Nobu is a modern Japanese restaurant in Crown and there's quite a lot of Nobu restaurants all over the world. As expected they were full on Valentine's day so we celebrated early on the 13th instead!

We had a 9 course meal with a side of endangered tuna aka O-toro (If you've watched Ouran High School Host Club, it's that food they bribe Haruhi with all the time hahaha)

Sadly we had to wait quite a while for our table so we had a drink at the bar. Luckily the food made up for the long wait. My drink was called Sun's Kiss, I can't remember what everything was on the menu but i'll do my best to name the dishes.

Toro tartar with wasabi soy and caviar

This was salmon

This was sea bass, it was so freaking delicious.

Beef sirloin with asparagus and eggplant puree

Assorted sushi

O-toro ($75 for 4 pieces, IT WAS DAMN GOOD)

Finally dessert. It was something with apricots, ice cream, honey jelly...I honestly wasn't a big fan of it.


It was a great experiences though, the food was nice and the place looked great. I didn't really like how it was so noisy in the restaurant though. It's very popular so it was packed and the tables are close together, I much prefer having a quiet place where I can have a delightful chat at dinner.

We spent most of real Valentine's day chilling in bed all afternoon, playing pool and just chilling. As long as I spend time with the boy, I'm happy. :)

Happy Valentine's Day. Love you.



  1. Happy valentines day Carrie :)
    You always go to great foodsources! Wasn't the 9-meal course abit to much?
    normally i'm full with 3-course meals~


  2. happy vday ^^ the food looks niceee :D !

  3. oh wow a 9 course meal?! I could never finish all of that haha
    hope you had a wonderful valentine's with your boyfriend!

  4. Wow... a 9 course meal? O_O but the food looks delish!

    Hope you had a lovely Valentine's day and have a great week ahead :)

  5. The food looks delicious! It's probably a good thing you guys celebrated early - going to Nobu's on Valentine's Day would have probably resulted in an even longer wait!

  6. sounds like you had a really great Valentine's Day!! all the food looks so good :D