Friday, January 6, 2012

A big "Thank You!"

Bonjour Mon ami~
As promised I'm making an effort to blog more. This blog is mainly about all the wonderful presents I received this year for Christmas. I'm so thankful and happy this year, I don't think I've ever received this many presents for Christmas.

The first present, you can already see in my picture above. It's a MAC lipstick from my twin sister. I adore the colour and wear it all the time now!

These are ankle boots from Santini from my mum! They're not very high but I thought I needed more practical shoes and these are quite cute as well.

This gorgeous little dress is from my friend Andy. It's such an adorable dress, I can't wait to wear it more often.

Finally this was a really sweet present from my friend Alison who recently came back from the States. She bought me an Alice in Wonderland tea from Disneyland! It's a gorgeous black tea. I'll definitely have to have my own Mad Tea Party soon. 

There are other presents I received as well! They're all equally as loved! I just haven't had time to take photos of all of them yet. Thank you so much though!


The 4th was also my friend, Bernard's birthday. To celebrate we all went to Albion Hotel in Port Melbourne to have their Parma.

We had some tea at Max Brenners before hand though.

This was their Aussie parma. It was fucking huge but it was just okay. I was pretty pissed off I paid extra for aioli for my chips and it was crappy.....Oh well. At least I was very full and satisfied. I enjoyed spending time with my friends and just joking around more than the food.


Other than that I had lunch with my family in Box Hill at some Korean/Japanese place called 3 Kingdoms

This is my Bi Bim Bap, it was in serious need of more meat!

I also went to the market in Footscray with my mum. There was produce and vietnamese men yelling everywhere.

In between all of this I've just been eating and getting fat. My mum finally bought some Brie, crackers and olive paste. It's soooooo good. I do like cheese and crackers. :D


Thanks for reading! See you next blog.


  1. Really love the gifts you got! Especially that MAC lippie, is that the one you're using in your first pic? Its really gorgeous <3

  2. Lovely gifts ^^ that polka dot dress is adorable!