Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

How were everyone's holidays? Did you have a merry christmas and a happy new year?

It's been a super duper long time since I last blogged so my new year's resolution is now to blog more, look good and make tons of money. ;D

What's yours? is it along the line of lose weight, be healthy, quit smoking? I read that 88% of new year resolutions fail so try REALLYYY hard to succeed.


Unfortunately I failed to back up my iPhone correctly so I lost all of my contacts and my photos so I don't hav many to post anymore. However thanks to my diligent twin sister I was able to use the photos from her instagram!

 follow her, her username is cnguyen3003. Her food and drinks album is close to approaching 100 photos so check 'em out!

Anyway here are the food photos!

This is a chicken wrap my boyfriend made! (I helped though! D:)

Just having coffee with my mates, can you spot me?

A lovely pasta dinner with my friends at Cafe Andiamo on Degraves Street.

Finally breakfast with my lovely parents at Alfa Cafe in Yarraville. My poached eggs were really disappointing but everything else was quite good. 


I'll be heading to Hong Kong with the boy in exactly 12 days! So I'm very very excited. I'll try my best to update my blog but I'll be very busy so no promises!

I actually received christmas presents this year! So i'll show everyone what i was lucky enough to receive in my next blog! :)


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  1. woah ! I didn't know you had a twin sister XD

    have fun in hk !! :D