Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Elementary, my dear blog readers!

An old photo because I didn't take one today, I don't know how Victoria Secret angels make winking so easy and sexy....I end up looking like the hugest derp ever.

Anyway back on to topic.


On Saturday, my boyfriend only had a 5 hour shift at work so I just decided to stay around where he works. I had a really big long lunch and then I caught a movie at the Hoyts.

I was lucky enough to catch the new Sherlock Holmes movie. I love Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law, they're so good together and the movie is even better than the previous. I highly recommend you watch it if you enjoyed the last one. Watching a movie by yourself is not as sad and lonely as you think! It's fine if you're really absorbed in the film, don't judge me. :(


On Monday I ended up going to my friend's farm with a group of friends. It was my second time up there and I had quite a nice time.

Here's the some of the farm.....and that's my friend.

There's quite a bit to do up there. There's a pool table inside, and a motorbike that you can try and ride. I didn't try because I'm obviously not strong enough to even support the bike and I can not drive anything manual. 

Basically the only ones who could ride it properly were of course my friend who owned the farm and my sister's boyfriend (in the photo), he loves bikes. 

That's them two...riding off into the sunset. haha

When it got a bit later we built a fire as well, it was pretty exciting! 

This is some wine that's from the farm, it was really young but I enjoyed sipping it by the fire. :)

We pretty much ended up just chilling by the fire roasting marshmallows and cooking sausages until late into the night,  all whilst being serenaded by my friend's acoustic guitar. Once it got super dark we went into the house, I made everyone burgers (which were....okay?), lit all the candles in the house and we talked until it got late.


That was pretty much a nice end to my holiday, I'm back at work now and i'll be back at work until Saturday. After that I'll be leaving for Hong Kong on Monday and spending some well deserved quality time with the boy! I'm super excited but I have this irrational fear of dying or getting in an accident before I can leave! D:

Thanks for reading though! See you next blog.

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  1. I am sure the burgers you made are fine :)
    Have a safe trip home!