Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Noir & Real Macarons.

Oh Hi! I'm just writing a blog whilst my hair is bleaching....Goodbye Regrowth!

Also I'm very glad to say that today's blog is a positive blog about my dining experiences, it literally makes up for the crappy experiences I wrote about in my previous blog. 

So on friday night, I took my boyfriend to a lovely restaurant called 'Noir' in Richmond. It's a great place that does French, Mediterranean and modern Australian cuisine. It's very melbourne-esque, has value for money and great service. 

It's quite a simplistic but stylish restaurant, perfect mood lighting for a date. My only complaint is that the walls of the restaurant don't absorb sound very well and the sound just bounces right off, so it's a bit noisy when the place is full. We unfortunately had a group of people in the restaurant with a woman who liked to scream (probably had a bit too much to drink)

Now on to the food! Sadly, it was so dark in the restaurant I couldn't take my own photos but I grabbed some off their website. We decided to have their Surprise Tasting Menu, it's 8 courses and is $70 per person. I LOVED it, and it's quite a reasonable price considering the quality and quantity of food we had.

Of course we started of the meal with some bread.....

Our entree was premium pacific oysters with a champagne granita and a spicy crab croquette. The oysters were refreshing! The granita was very sweet but complimented the oysters nicely. We also had this salmon dish...From memory it had a dill sauce and some caviar on it too.....

Another entree was Crisp Bread, Waldorf Salad and Eye Fillet of Beef. Delicious! the way they did the Waldorf salad is so interesting!

We also had a crisp pork belly dish with peas.


Sadly there are no pictures of the main we had which was a White Rabbit Pie with winter vegetables, thyme and a black peppercorn sauce. I loved it, the little rabbit ribs were so cute and tasty and I loved winter vegetables, especially the parsnip.

Desserrtt just BLLEWWW my mind. It was EXACTLY what I wanted in a dessert, It was a Chocolate Fondant with a serve of ice cream and some cherries. The cherries had a LOT of liqueur  in them so I only ate one but everything else was divine, I would've licked the plate clean.

I strongly recommend this place! Do try if you're a real foodie, it's quite an older crowd there (we were the youngest ones in the restaurant by a huge margin) but if you love food, it won't even matter.


Remember my crappy macaron experience? Well this made up for it!
According to the maker of the best macarons in melbourne, A little place which is kind of close to my workplace makes the closest thing to perfect macarons in Melbourne. It's called La Tropezienne.

This tube of 6 cost me $12 which when you think about it is quite good value! The macarons at the previous place was almost $3 for just one and they were CRAP.

These however were delightful! Perfect biscuit to filling ratio and not even in the slightest bit chewy. They were delicate and light just like a real macaron should be. The flavours were nice and sweet, maybe a bit TOO sweet for me....but I'm a dark chocolate kind of girl but if you have a sweet tooth, these macarons are for you! 


Anyway I'm off to bed!

I have a girl date with my friend Karen tomorrow! I'm so excited!


  1. Reading this at 2.20AM does not help my stomach at all. :|

  2. i was glad my first macaron experience included a extra caramel flavour which WE DIDN'T ASK FOR but obviously because she wanted to get rid of them..the ones i had today were just hard boiled cookies with HOLLOW tops and bottoms with a centre soooo hard you would need a butchers knife to cut!
    and i like how my name is 'just tagged' with no reference~ i love you^^