Friday, October 7, 2011

An A-maze-ing day.

Hello there, Blog readers.

I'm particularly excited about today's blog because I've just had the most spectacular experiences.

So let's get onto it shall we?


So I had my girl-date with Karen. :)
It was a lovely time! I don't have many close girlfriends so I loved spending the day with Karen.

We had some tea, and just chewed the fat as the rain POURED outside. We had dinner at Crazy Wing and we ate heaapppss of food! We thought we were only going to eat a little but instead ate almost $50 worth!


Now on to the most exciting part......

As some of you may know last Sunday was the day of AA Ball, a ball which is held by Melbourne uni at the Crown Palladium. All of my friends and even my sister attended but I didn't go because I'm saving to go to china, remember? 

So instead my boyfriend and I decided to have our own little day together. We started our day off with some shopping for my boyfriend, he needed some new clothes for the wedding in China later this year. It was fun shopping with him, he looked very handsome in his new shirts and ties. :)

My boyfriend even bought me a few things. I felt so spoilt that day, like if I were a princess or in some sappy k-drama. I'll write another post about those things some other time.


After shopping, we made our way to the restaurant for dinner. We had a reservation for a restaurant called Maze at Crown, it's one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants. My boyfriend really likes him, and I'm starting to understand why.

We got to the restaurant a bit early, so we had some drinks in the bar area before dinner. :)


Dinner finally came and I can confidently say it was the BEST dining experience of my life!

Dinner started off with this Marinated beetroot with Goats curd, Cabernet Sauvignon vinaigrette and toasted pine nuts. It was divine, so full of flavour, I didn't think i'd like goats curd but it was great!

Seared yellow fin tuna, white radish, yuzu, enoki mushrooms, black garlic. This was the BEST tuna i've EVER had, the tuna was just perfect! 

 Then a marlborough king salmon, jerusalem artichoke, mustard, horseradish cream.

this is a crispy roast pork belly, calvalo nero, soybeans and a dashi fish stock.

my main was a Gisborne duck leg, sweet corn, cracked wheat and fig jam. Delicious!

finally we got to the sweet courses, this is an exotic fruit vacherin passionfruit and banana sorbet. It was refreshing and VERY sweet! 

And this was the wonderful dessert we had, it was a coffee ganache with salted caramel and hazelnut ice cream. It was DELICIOUS, I loved all the flavours. 

We ended the night with some nice tea and these delicious truffles.


Now that night my boyfriend didn't drive so we both were going to catch the train, however during dinner he randomly decided that we should stay at the Crown Metropol hotel together that night....It was where my sister and friends were staying after the ball as well. 

It was such a surprise, so spontaneous and romantic....I was so happy, I could've cried. haha!


Our hotel room was quite nice. It was just a standard room but it was larger than we expected.

There were some robes in the room as well. They were quite comfy. haha

Anyway that's about as much i'll tell you about that night!
Please look forward to the next blog!


  1. wow that place you ate at looks really good :D
    You're so lucky ! Your boyfriend seems really sweet xD


  2. Carriieee,
    love the food pictures as always :) picking clothes for your boyfriend is fun! I'm glad you had a great time ^___^
    Cute picture at the end!
    ( we should really have a meetup haha I'll be going between 24th Dec to 6th Jan ) xx

  3. looks really nice :)

    i followed you hope you do the same :)