Thursday, September 22, 2011

Been a while again.....Shout out to Brenda!


It's been a very long time since I last blogged (3 weeks, i think)...I apologise for my lazniess. But hey! Shout out to Brenda, a girl I randomly met who reads my blog! Thanks for motivating me to write another one. You're a lovely girl.

So here are the highlights of my week! 

Last night, I took some visiting Japanese students to a bar in the CBD called Miss Libertines, it was fun, we got to talk about a lot of stuff and take a few photos as well. My japanese is terrible, so I was very shy until I had some more beer. Also maybe some photos of them in my next blog.

Father's day also happened. Sadly this year my family didn't end up doing anything special because of certain clashes with dates and stuff, we normally have a massive family dinner with all the relatives though.
Instead I drew my dad a little card, just like I used to when I was little.

He likes golf. haha

My boyfriend's birthday was not that long ago as well. I finally finished the 1000 cranes for him just in time! It took me a long time, I folded them on and off for two years! That just shows how long we've been friends. :)


Other than that I recently started my new job at a Market Research place, it was tough in the beginning but I'm getting used to it. I also sympathise completely with people who do my job now. From now on, I'm never gonna be rude to a telephone surveyor, If i'm not interested I will say so kindly.
EVERYONE should do so as well, not abuse the poor person. :(


Anyway now for the unexpectedly customary food porn segment of my blog!

These are dishes from a restaurant in Box Hill that does Wuhan style food, which is where my boyfriend is from! The noodles I had are apparently what EVERYONE there eats and they were YUM! They make the noodles themselves from scratch too! I love how it's a family business, all the food is like mama's cooking and very delicious.

Also they had a little daughter there and she was SO cute, she liked my blonde hair and make up 'cos it looked very girly. haha

This is a watermelon sorbet my boyfriend made with his friend. It was VERY refreshing and sweet.

My mum decided to do hotpot/steamboat one night for dinner, there was so much food we had to have hot pot again the next night. xD

This is DELICIOUS beer batter fish and chips that my boyfriend made. He even made the chips! The fish was delicious and the beer batter made it even better.


Since my boyfriend cooks so well and so often, we one day decided it was my turn to try. (Which was a potentially dangerous situation, I can NOT cook) I made Bi Bim Bap, which is a korean mixed rice thing.

It was okay, I much prefer it in a restaurant and in a stone bowl though.

This was the pasta and crumbed veal, we had on my boyfriend's birthday.

and FINALLY this was the tonkatsu ramen we made together. The crumbed pork or Tonkatsu we made ourselves and it was really good and crispy, the Chinese tea eggs were made by my boyfriend. (He's a good cook, if you haven't figured it out by now lol)

ANYWAY that's enough of that. I'm gonna write another blog after this one because I've got more to say...But i don't want this going on for too long so i'll stop here.

Thanks for reading. :)


  1. aha, what a cute card, we never really celebrated any of those mothers/fathers day things.. oh well!
    Also, dude, what a catch, he cooks food goooood, now if only I can meet a girl like that..

  2. Cooking is for winners, we are not winners :C
    Well, a snail is good for beginners I assume because it is relatively simple, it looks like a lot but it only takes like 5 minutes to do (if you're pro, it took me 30 minutes because I'm not), soon it'll get hard though.. :C

  3. Huge fan of your OOTD's ^___^
    Hppy birthday to your bf as well! He's a lucky
    man to recieve 1,000 of cranes la!
    Your foodporn neverfails meeeee