Friday, September 23, 2011

Vialetto? Via-Let Down! - Carrie the food critic?


I know what you're thinking....2 blogs in a day? Fuck off already!
But I just had to.....I'm here to talk about some disappointing experiences with food I had in the past days because you all simply deserve to know.

On Saturday night, the boyfriend and I went to Hardware lane for dinner. Normally from a place such as Hardware lane, I'd expect to have a very lovely dining experience but sadly I didn't. There were so many disappointments that night....I'll never go back to this restaurant again.

We were approached by someone from the restaurant and they told us they had a good deal going on for two courses, so I decided to eat there. Sadly as soon as we ordered the entree, It went all downhill from there. Here's why:

- The wait was MUCH too long for our entree and main
- Although my main was fine, the so-called "roasted" vegetables stated in the menu meant RAW vegetables in my boyfriend's main.
- Didn't even bring us water
- Gave us the bill twice
- The deal they mentioned to us, ended up not existing so paid a lot more than expected.
- Bill was like $80, paid $90 and we did NOT get our change.

It was TERRIBLE. I don't even understand....They just ignored us and packed up the place whilst we sat at our table waiting for our change, so we just left.

NEVER go to Vialetto on Harware Lane, I soon after discovered that the restaurant has HEAPS of bad reviews. I wish I had read them before we sat down. D:


The next thing on my list are these macarons, I bought. Now i'm not really an expert on them but the truth is I just wanted to write this little review because something exciting happened to me because of these macarons.

So I bought some sweets from the Dining Hall in Melbourne Central....and well although I didn't have HIGH expectations from the place, I was still disappointed. D:
The toblerone cheesecake tasted pretty much like nothing.....except from the actual piece of toblerone on top. lol

The hugest let down were the macarons. Seriously guys, don't be like me and buy food 'cos it looks pretty from the window. After I received them I had a good look and they were pretty shitty macarons. They were bumpy, chewy, messy to eat, and OVERLY sweet. In fact it was just so bad, I stopped eating the Pistachio one after two bites. 

Now here's the exciting part, I was just so disappointed that I tweeted the maker of the best Macarons in Melbourne about my experience.....and HE TWEETED ME BACK! :OOOO

So because of him, I wrote this blog. I was so excited, no one important has ever tweeted me back before! >w<

So yer, that's all. As he told me to do, I told you about the crappy macarons and now you all know!



  1. ugh that's a horrible experience you guys had at vialetto!
    I always stare at the macaroons at the Dining Hall in MC every time I go past there but I've never bought any from there yet because they're too expensive and I'm a broke uni student haha. Thanks for the tip! :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your experince at Vialetto ><.
    I bought some macarons from the Dining Hall in Melbourne Central too.
    Expensive and ugly T^T. Seriously, deceiving little things -_-".

  3. That's so messed up! Terrible -_- Nevertheless the macaroons look delicious.