Thursday, September 1, 2011

A new chapter and HEAPS more food & drink.

Good evening~ 
just enjoying some cider in the boyfriend's bed.

I've been drinking a lot since my last blog, even with my mum. haha

Anyway as usual here is what I've been up to this past week and a half.


I went to check out a friend of mine's new apartment, it's got quite a nice view of the city from the balcony.

School has been going okay, I particularly enjoyed playing this japanese poetry game called 'Hyakunin Isshu' at the end of my seminar. I only got one card but I'm proud of that one card!

After a big lonely parma for lunch at work this weekend... I......

Finally quit my job! After almost 4 years of working at AMF Bowling, I quit. I'm kind of sad but it feels great to finally start a new chapter of my life.


The night I quit my job was also the night of my uncle's 50th birthday....So there was a lot of booze. There was no one really my age there except my 2nd cousin and after a nice chat with her, I got swept up chatting with my mum's cousins who are around 30 and ended drinking a lot with them.

My mum got crunnnkkk, it was quite hilarious. I wish she was drunk all the time.

 Isn't the cake adorable? One of our uncles made all of it! SO amazing.

**********************************************************'s sort of turning into a tradition on my blog but here is the food porn.

A brilliant idea suggested by a friend of putting chocolate custard on top of a chocolate choc-chip muffin. Was so yummy, so much chocolate!

A delicious breakfast made by my lovely boyfriend. Eggs, hash browns and sausages.

Not really food porn but I had a cute face in my cappuccino so I thought i'd share. lol

Some early morning east-side Pho with my boyfriend before uni. I don't know....but west-side Pho is always better. Right??

My first ever pie from Pie Face, I got a cheese injected steak pie with the stuff on top. It was nice, nothing special but nice. The face on it looked like this :S

Now tonight my uni friends and I went to a place we've been meaning to check out. It's a korean place on little lonsdale street called Gami, and they are famous for their fried chicken and beer!

And chicken and beer, we had!

It's a nice place, The best flavours were garlic soy and sweet chilli. The original was too plain for me. I'll definitely be going back soon.


That's all for now. I'm dead tired so Goodnight!


  1. I am going to add Gami on my watch list now. Chicken and Beer is a perfect combination. PERFECT!

    Goddamn your overwhelming food porn, goddammit! *shakes fist* :(

  2. I don't mind if your blog turned into a foodporn :')
    I love cider, but can't have to much ^^


  3. youre so lucky to live in a place with soo much yummy food places!