Monday, August 22, 2011

JKBBQ & Exciting news!

Paws up!

Hello there, blog readers! Let's start off with what I wore today.

The weather in melbourne is finally starting to pick up and it was quite sunny today.
Anyway, I'll just try and do another quick summary of what I've been up to these past few days. Gonna put the exciting news at the end of the blog so you HAVE to read my post. mwuahaha!


On Sunday I finally picked up the contacts that I won from the Ma Couleurs competition. I got a pair of Princess Mimi grey ones, i've never had a pair of grey ones before so I decided to give them a shot.

Here's what they look like, excuse the dopey face. haha!


Now other than wear contact lenses and refer to herself in third person, what does Carrie do with her life?

The answer is eat, eat, eat and drink.
I've been eating heaps of food these past few days, I'm scared i'll wake up fat one day! So as usual here is the food porn.


On thursday night, My sister and I took our parents to one of my favourite Japanese restaurants for my Dad's birthday. All the food and meat there is amazing, I savoured every single bite. It was so delicious we even had to play games of rock, paper, scissors just to decide who got the last or largest pieces of meat. haha!


I was also invited to go have Korean BBQ with my friends at a place called Seoul Restaurant, which meant even more meat! YAY! It was nice, the pork belly was the best in my opinion though! 


Taking a break from all the bbq and meat, I also went to have some ramen at Ramen Ya in the GPO. I went with some uni friends and it was pretty good, I especially liked the soup base but I enjoyed the fact I have uni friends to hang out with even more! Woo!


 I also ate dumplings at Shanghai Village, the place was SO packed. It's one of those chinese places in the alleyways that are super popular with people but the service is shit and the food is cheap and pretty tasty. Y'know those kinds of places?....

We finished off the dumplings with a drink at Little Creatures in Brunswick. Their beer and cider are really nice and they're from Victoria also.


Alright! Now for the BIG NEWS!

After a late breakfast and some tea at Knox, my boyfriend and I went around to some travel agents because......WE'RE GOING TO HONG KONG AND CHINA IN DECEMBER!

That's right, bitches! I'll be going overseas for the first time EVER at the end of this year with my gorgeous boyfriend. I'm so excited I could die!

Which brings me to ask...What's some fun stuff to do in Hong Kong, any recommendations? 
Please comment  if you've been and have any suggestions.


That's all for now. Bye-bye.


  1. Try to visit the locations for where they shot Chungking Express! If that's possible, hahaha. Well, that's what I'd probably do anyway if I were in Hong Kong (that and have a go at some of their food in those hidden alleys and what not, haha). Lucky you, I really want to visit HK some day!

    Always with the overkill of food porn. So gooooood.

  2. Love your striped sweater Carrie ^__^
    Food = <3 and I love your foodporn haha
    Oh oh oh we might bump each other in Hong Kong cuz I might go in December :D
    Are you Cantonese btw ^__^ ?