Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chicco & Luxbite

Hello Readers!
I've cut my hair! It's now the shortest it's been since I was 14! What do you think?

Anyway back to business as usual, I've been to some rather delightful cafes lately and so I thought I'd share my experience.

As a part of our family day of togetherness we picked a new cafe to go to called Chicco. I'm really glad we chose this one cos I was extremely satisfied with the brunch we had there.

It's a very melbourne-style cafe so it's very quaint with lots of interesting interior decoration and even their own blend of coffee. My dad is even considering having his birthday here.

This is what I ordered, it was simply called The Baguette. It had eggs, organic bacon and their tomato chutney inside. This was possibly the best bacon I've ever had in my life. I'm not sure whether it being organic had to do with the amazing crispiness and flavour of the bacon but it was just perfect, I could not have asked for anything more.

A word of warning though, I don't recommend the salmon. It wasn't very fresh and tasted veeerryyy fishy.

Finally as usual my meal was finished with a nice cuppa tea.

I also noticed this on their wall on my way out, it's like a flower made of chairs. haha


Now if you've got a sweet tooth, these next few pictures are for you!

Luxbite is a well-known cafe on Toorak road and has a wonderful selection of desserts.

Luxbite also has a very good reputation for their macarons, it's apparently one of Melbourne's top 20 macarons as well. There was so much to choose from our family ended up being greedy and getting 5 desserts! 

This was mine, a very rich dark chocolate with some raspberry flavour as well. An excellent combination.

This was my sister's. I'm not a fan of rose so it wasn't my favourite but the raspberries and macaron consistency were very nice.

This one my family agreed was superb! An adorable little meringue with watermelon yoghurt inside, it also had a nice zesty biscuit base as well. It had all the elements of a great dessert. It was light and sweet with great textures.

This one would be great if you're a Forrero Rocher lover, it has similar flavours but so much prettier.

Another unanimously voted favourite by my family, well suited for those who like a citrus, zesty kind of flavour and biscuit bottoms. 

We had such a wonderful time at Luxbite, it was just so nice to bond with my family over some incredible desserts. The service was also amazing, extremely helpful and friendly. The waitress said we were the cutest family she's ever met and that we made her miss her own family, I think her name was Gift.

In conclusion, I will definitely be coming back to try their next season of cakes!


Thanks for reading! Going to end this blog with just a few other things I've had the pleasure of eating.

Big brekkie from Globe on Chapel St.

Tonkatsu Ramen from Ajisen.

Chicken Salten-Boca and a Duck Risotto from Zest 89

Baked eggs with cheese and bacon and a side of herby bread made by my sister and me.

Crazy Wing!

and finally a cute little Korean cake in the shape of a fish. 


  1. the ferrero rocher one called the supersized love was mine! the endless love was mum's!

  2. I love your new hair actually c:
    So fresh and cute ^^

    Again, nice food pictures,
    succeeding making me hungry as


  3. Gosh! You just made me wanna fly over to Melbourne just to try the LuvBite's dessert!!