Thursday, July 5, 2012

Put Your Paws Up!

Hello Readers,


I hope you're all doing well. I've been having a really excellent holiday filled with lots of food and fun.

On the 1st of July I took my sister to the Born This Way Ball, Lady Gaga's concert. It was the most amazing concert I've ever been to, the 5 month wait was WELL worth it.

The stage was incredible and the show was intense! The whole stadium was jumping up and down and dancing. It's hard to believe that Gaga has so much raw talent and theatricality. 


Back to business as usual, I've been eating a lot of food! So here it is....

Camembert Chicken Mignon

Barramundi and Lentils.

We also made a really FAR trip out to Narre Warren where the first ever Krispy Kreme Melbourne is. It was actually pretty cool, I got to see how the donuts are made on this giant conveyor belt. Even though I ate 3...which is the equivalent to eating 3 Big Macs....I regret nothing! They were so warm and sweet!


Speaking of sweet.....My boyfriend and his friend attempted to make this cake last week. It's a passionfruit infused chocolate ganache cake. The recipe is from Heston Blumenthal and it's perhaps the most expensive and difficult cake to make EVER.

The main reason was frosting the cake.....

Other than a blow torch, we needed more power tools to finish the cake. We had to buy a paint spray gun from the local hardware store to frost it. It was well worth it though, the final look and finish of the cake was gorgeous! It was a rich and wonderful cake.


So that's all for now, I'll see you guys next blog. I swear it'll be about something other than food, so keep an eye out!

Finishing with my new red shoes.


  1. Great job on the cake!
    I would love to try
    this out c:
    I don't have a torch
    at home so I can't
    really make this thing..

    Also, the Lady Gaga
    concert sounds nice c:
    Glad you had a great
    a time!


  2. That cake looks seriously amazing! I'm salivating for it, ahaha

  3. YUM!! damn the food photos are good as. your blog is the ultimate food blog. unlike your mates ehehehe