Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hwaro (화로 멜번 구이)

Hi Readers!

I'm back with yet another food blog. 
I've just realised that a lot of people think that this blog is a food blog cos of all of my posts!.... but the truth is I just don't do anything more interesting than eating. I promise the next blog will be something new! Anyway, just wanted to write a few quick things about one of my favourite KBBQ places in Melbourne, called Hwaro.

After my first time there, which was around 2 years ago my standard for Korean BBQ changed dramatically.

The quality of their meat, their friendly service and even the interior of the restaurant were all reasons that landed this place in my top favourite Korean places. 

 My most recent visit was for my friends 20th birthday, we had an enjoyable evening catching up and celebrating over some damn good meat and refreshing peach soju. There are actually 2 Hwaro's in Melbourne now, the second one is smaller a lot more casual and offers an all you can eat deal as well. So if you're the kinda person who eats a lot of food, you'll like the second Hwaro. The downside would be you're sacrificing quality over quantity, which is the case with most buffet places but if you're hankering for a succulent cut of meat definitely give this place a go. 

 Just look at the marbling on the meat! Dat Wagyu! 

 We also ordered a lot of other meats as well, another favourite was soy marinated pork belly! Such a great flavour! 

 It was such a great night, the birthday girl could not have chosen a better place to celebrate. 

 My sister and I bought her a Russian teacup. 

She loved it! Haha 

 Another thing I love about this place is this wall, it immediately catches your eye! I think it's lovely idea that you can leave a little something behind at the restaurant, the messages are pretty cool to read. I even found a message I wrote almost 2 years ago.


 Ending my blog with some more yummy food pics.

A moroccan spice stew with chorizo (boyfriend's dish)

An egg's benedict with bacon

And that glorious moment when the yolk oozes out.

A shepherd's pie with mash. It just tasted like bolognese though. lol

Anyway that's all. I'm gonna be blogging heaps in the next week or so! Lots of things I want to share.
Until then~


  1. All these foods are so nice holyyy that egg's benedict with bacon looks so good!!!!

  2. Egg porn! WHO ALLOWED YOU?! :(