Tuesday, June 19, 2012

KoKo Teppanyaki

Hi Everyone!
Hope your exams went well, my last one is tomorrow!
I've just finished studying and decided to take a break by writing another food blog.

As a last minute decision we tried to get a booking at KoKo a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant located at Crown Casino. Unfortunately we were told they were fully booked until 9:45pm...but 20 minutes later they called us back saying they had a table at 7:45! What luck! 

Such a terrible photo but the restaurant is gorgeous. It has a very traditional Japanese theme with a large pond right in the center of the restaurant! Very cool.

If you don't know what Teppanyaki is, it's a really exciting dining experience where a chef cooks and serves the food right in front of you on a large grill. 

The way KoKo works is they have a variety of set menus to choose from we chose the one called Kaze ($129pp), which means Wind in japanese. 

Dinner started out with some lovely sashimi. As usual the tuna is delicious, but I also found their salmon was particularly tasty as well!

It was then followed by Lobster Tempura with wasabi mayo. I absolutely loved this dish, there's nothing quite like biting into a big succulent piece of lobster that's been fried in a delightfully light tempura batter. I should also mention again that Wasabi mayo is and forever will be "the bomb"

This adorable little tea pot had a really flavorsome soup in it, the waitress said it was made from seafood. It was called Dobinmushi.

Finally we got on to the real Teppanyaki, which started off with seafood! Prawns and Scallops!
All of the seafood was excellent quality and I was really happy with the way they were cooked.

Scallops were great! So plump on the inside, exactly how they should be.
I'm really glad that the Prawns were good as well, the chef even cooks the head for you.

Next was a bit of salmon, as you can see it was cooked perfectly and the sauce you dip it in made it even better! I also adore the tableware at Koko too, the plate in the photo is absolutely gorgeous!

The chef then proceeded to make us our wagyu fried rice! It's just so fun to watch him make it right before your eyes, it's literally dinner and a show!

We then moved onto the Wagyu sirloin, the chef was very nice and asked us how we liked our steak cooked.

Finally we reached dessert, which was the most amazing vanilla ice cream I've ever had! It was smooth and creamy. You can even see the little bits of vanilla in the ice cream.

As usual we ended our meal with some tea, accompanied by some very interesting conversation with some Scottish gentlemen sitting next to us. 

So in conclusion, I recommend you try this place out one day. It's lots of fun, if you're a bit tired of KBBQ like I am at the moment, Teppanyaki is a really fun easy going experience where you can just sit back and relax whilst the chef does all the work for you!

The service at KoKo is superb as well! Our waitress, Kaori was so nice and very courteous. Despite being RIDICULOUSLY busy she tried to have a conversation with me for as long as she could. 

So that's all! This was my first ever Teppanyaki experience and I loved every minute of it!
See you next blog, it will be a dessert lover's dream!


  1. I... I have no words...

    How do you get the money to afford such nice foods whut
    I would have actually liked to have seen more of the interior design! I always like well designed restaurant, it adds to the experience!

    It sounds like you had a really enjoyable experience at KoKo.... way out of my price range though ha ha ha

    Also, did I tell you i think Prometheus is pure crap?
    Okay it looks nice but otherwise I wouldn't recommend you paying for it... save the money for more foods yum C: