Tuesday, August 16, 2011

久しぶり!Long time no blog, eh? (pics heavy)

Hey guys, remember me??

I'm sorry I haven't blogged for such a long time but it's been a pretty busy past 2 weeks. To avoid unnecessary jibber-jabber, i'll just be summarise as much as I can.



For those of you who have been following the Ma Couleurs competition! I came third! The claire chibi girl came second and Rena Chan Le came first! Congratulations, she deserved it!


So I've been eating some pretty good dinners and lunches with some awesome people lately.

Some bibimbap with my uni friends in Box Hill. Wish there was more meat!

Hooked's fish & chips and tea on Chapel St

Delicious steak & chips made by my talented boyfriend.

This however deserves a little more than a caption. This huge amount of wings (this is only a fraction of them) is from a place in Melbourne called Crazy Wings. They are famous for having these INCREDIBLY hot chicken wings that for some insane reason my boyfriend enjoys eating.....I on the other hand had a lick and dashed for a glass of water. My boyfriend, his friend and I ate A FUCK LOAD of food that night.

But the weirdest thing I ate would probably be this.....Given to me by a friend they are these jelly beans that are filled with both nice flavours and DISGUSTING ones and you can't tell which is which!

I ate a mouldy cheese and some other disgusting flavour which I think was baby wipes or something. BLECH!


 Speaking of weird though, I noticed these signs in Box Hill and just had to show everyone.....

Aren't they the most random thing you've ever seen on the inside of a tunnel....The last one says 'He is on his way with the mao (cat)


I think that I've finally decided I'm not the clubbing type...A lot of people tell me I look it but my experiences suggest otherwise.
A while ago my friend and I went to this club called Alumbra for a friend's birthday. It's quite a strict club so my friend got kicked out 'cos he got mistaken for someone who threw up in the bathroom so we all decided to leave as well. We salvaged the night with a fun trip to Crown Casino though.

This is what I wore that night, ignore my messy bedroom!


Finally! I attended the Melbourne International Film Festival with my friend Hieu (his blog is here).

We watched a documentary about Elmo! It was delightful and for the first time I sat in a completely full cinema. It was a new and wonderful viewing context.


Now for those of you who still have the little kid spirit, you'd be delighted to know that Hieu was able to hook me and my friends up to have a look at an art exhibition at Federation Square on.......
LEGO ! !

There were incredible pieces created entirely from Lego, it blew my mind! The 2nd photo is a model of Melbourne!


There was even a section where you can try to make your own lego creations.

1. is my twin sister's, 2 is Hieu's and the last one is my friend, Christian's.
Which one do you like the most?!

Sadly, I suck at lego and other than what I called my avant garde car, I could only make my name! Haha!


Anyway that's all! I'll try to blog more from now on.


  1. Oh hey, I got a mention! :P


    Congrats for going as far as you could into the competition Carrie!

  2. Naww Carrie you look gorgeous in your white dress! I've seen the bean boozled around but I was too scared to buy it LOL! XD