Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mr Big Stuff

Mr Big Stuff has recently opened and they are serving up some serious Soul Food! 
Located in Meyers place with just an Afro-girl sign at the door, Mr Big Stuff is the newest addition to Melbourne's alleyway gems.

It's all about bold southern flavours and good vibes over there. The place is stylishly laid out and has a DJ in the corner, pumping out music that makes you wanna get groovin'

All the food exceeded my expectations. The pig ear chips were an addictive treat (would've been great with beer) and their ox tongue and cheek was incredibly tender.
I was particularly impressed by the Chicken and Waffles though. I had been disappointed before at other places by bland chicken and a sad limp waffle but Mr Big Stuff's was amazing. 

Crispy, well seasoned skin on a moist leg accompanied with a fluffy and crisp waffle dusted with just a touch of icing sugar. Perfection. 

My one complaint is that they say their menu is for sharing but if you're a big eater, one dish is more like a portion for one.
 But don't forget to wash however much you order down with something from their awesome drinks list. They've got plenty of Iced teas and even cold pressed Kool-aid with witty and clever names. 

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