Saturday, July 28, 2012

La Petite Creperie.

Bonjour mon ami,

If you're still out there, I'm back again with more food.
Uni has started recently so it's a bit difficult for me to find time and write a blog but i'll sure try.


Today I ended up eating a lot of french food, which I absolutely love.
I met up with my two friends for lunch and we ended up at a delightful little creperie in Hardware lane.

I really liked this place, it was really relaxing to eat outside. Unfortunately they ran out of their bread so I couldn't order their Le Croque Monsieur so we ended up ordering a crepe called La Broceliandre. It was French Bechamel, Gruyere cheese and mushrooms with a choice of either prosciutto, ham and turkey in a buckwheat crepe. I chose the turkey.

A lovely golden brown crepe finished off with a lovely cup of French Earl Grey Tea.


Right next door was a macaron place, called La Belle Miete. 

We noticed that there was a really long line coming out of the shop so I thought it might be worth a try.....

We bought 6 macarons, I tried 2, which were flavoured Passionfruit and Milk Chocolate and Pistachio. I absolutely loved the passionfruit flavour, it has a beautiful affinity with chocolate. The other flavours were Pink Grapefruit, Moet and Chandon, Caramel and Pomegranate. 

The macarons were exceptionally well made, they had a good size and  delicate biscuit and a good ratio of biscuit to filling. These are all the qualities I look for in a good macaron.

Even if you're not into sweets, the place has a really cute decor which is worth paying a visit to have a peek inside. 


That's all for now, I'm having a taco night with some friends so maybe pictures of that will be in my next blog.

Au revoir~ 

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  1. Wow the macaroons are
    very well made c: almost
    scary haha!

    I have heard that Laduree
    is coming to Australia?