Tuesday, October 18, 2011

That's why this chick is a Tramp.

Hello readers,

I'm just chilling and trying to study at the moment.

Sorry, it's been a while since my last blog but I haven't done anything interesting enough to even blog about! I'm living a pretty mediocre life. lol

Anyway today, I was in the city REALLY early (8:45am) and whilst i was having my daily dose of tea, I read an interview with the artists AES+F. They're the people behind those giant baby statues on Swanston St in Melbourne at the moment. 

credits to whoever's photo this is.
At first I thought they were really strange, but after reading the interview with the artists they're really quite interesting and a lot of thought have gone into them and their meaning. Definitely go have a closer look if you're in Melbourne.


So after having checked these giant demonic babies out, I was in a mood for a bit more art so I made my way to the National Gallery of Victoria at Federation square. It was such a nice day, I even walked there. 

I had a look at all 3 levels and galleries, they displayed a lot of indigenous Australian art. It was quite fun, I'd love to have checked out the other exhibitions but i'm so broke that I couldn't afford to. Maybe next time......


Here are a few of the things that I saw whilst I was there....They're definitely not the best pieces there but I was too embarrassed to take photos when the security guards were around me.

It was a nice experience, I feel all cultured now. haha


No food porn this time, maybe in the next blog. I've had the song Lady is a Tramp stuck in my head for the past 2 days, Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett are adorable together and their voices are great! That's all for now though!
Back to studying for me!


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  2. Ohh! again great blog. I have seen and read your whole blog and impressed by your awesome blog. I have bookmarked this blog because your blogs are always interesting.

  3. Cheers for the comment, Carrie!

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to watching Sakuran! Mostly because Shiina Ringo pretty much did the film's entire soundtrack and I've been curious about how her music is used in the film. :D