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Tokyo: Les Créations de Narisawa

Hello again!

I'm back with the next part of my "Tokyo food adventure".
Today's blog is about Les Créations de Narisawa! It is an amazing french restaurant located in Minato-ku run by chef Yoshihiro Narisawa, who has trained in Switzerland, Italy and even France. The philosophy of this restaurant is most definitely a celebration of nature and the elements, respecting the seasonal changes and transformations. Narisawa recreates these spectacular landscapes through food. Once you see the photos, you'll understand.

The restaurant seats around 15 people and features a viewing window, where you can see the kitchen. I requested we have a good view cos it's always fun to see behind the scenes. We were in Tokyo during late November so we had their Winter collection menu, the theme being 'Evolve with the Forest'.

And this is where the magic started haha! The top left corner of this picture is actually our chestnut bread, gently fermenting before our eyes with the heat of a small candle. They later baked it in a hot stone bowl right at our very table!

Our amuse bouche was Essence of the Forest, which was chestnut water infused with a taste of the forest. The flavour was a shock and was very intense, immediately evoking a sense of being deep within a forest. I think it was to prepare our palate for the dishes to come. There was also Bread of the Forest - Sumi. 'Sumi' means charcoal in japanese and is reflected in the black colour of our bread. Although not the most attractive , the bread was soft and fragrant and the onion inside extremely sweet.

Next was Saba Mackerel. The flavours were so vibrant and fresh, especially with the sauce on the side. 

This next dish is called Ash 2009 - Scene of the Seashore one of the most memorable dishes of the night.

This perfectly cooked spear squid was transformed before our eyes with a sprinkle of "ash" made from liquid nitrogen and paprika. The fog created is reminiscent of an eerie and cold sea but soon disappears leaving a great smoky flavour to accompany the squid.

This next dish was called Luxury essence 2007. A 6 hour chicken and pork broth with black abalone and winter melon. Such a strong flavour and perfect to be having during the winter. 

Unfortunately, I've somehow lost my pictures of our Langoustine and Snapper but I can reassure you that they were delicious.

Our next dish was called Sumi 2009, which is Hida Beef. The beef undergoes a very long process where it is coated in charred leek that is matured and cured for 3 days. On the outside the beef looks like a simple lump of charcoal but is then sliced open to reveal a perfectly tender, blushing cut of beef.

I'd also liked to share this as well. Narisawa even made something as simple as bread and butter remarkable. 

What appears to be a mossy rock was our butter! 

This was our dessert. Waguri, Chestnuts in Yamazaki Whiskey. 

The best was yet to come... The dessert cart arrived at our table and I could barely contain my excitement. After the waiter explained each dessert to us, we had to try them all so asked for one of each dessert! 

Included was an array of tiny delectable macarons! Each of them were different flavours or different levels of cacao. Macarons aren't my favourite but it was hard to resist trying them all.

My boyfriend and I had a wonderful night, filled with intricate and mesmerizing dishes. We were able to try dishes unlike anything we've tried before whilst discussing and appreciating the complexities behind them.
I can definitely understand why this restaurant was ranked 27th best restaurant in the world.

It's not as trendy or vibrant as L'atelier de Robuchon but instead has sophistication and minimalism. I really love how such an elegant restaurant with such a pristine and methodical kitchen produce such amazing dishes that celebrate the rawness and earthiness of nature. 

Thanks for reading, it's a particularly long but I'm trying something different and a bit more detailed.
Let me know if you like it....

See you for the next part of my Tokyo trip!

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