Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tokyo: L'atelier de Robuchon

Happy New Year, everyone! 
I hope that everyone's 2012 was memorable and that your 2013 will be even better! 

Today's blog is about one of Joel Robuchon's restaurants in Tokyo, called L'atelier de Robuchon. It's located in Roppongi hills and truly was a unique and incredible dining experience.

The restaurant is gorgeously decorated with elements of nature, accompanied with shades of a lavish red. We sat at the bar, which is definitely the best place to enjoy a view of the open kitchen. We were lucky enough to sit right in front of where they do the desserts. 

We began with our amuse bouche and we opted for a special set menu where we can select each course.

I had 'Le Crabe' for my entree. It was alaskan crab, avocado and lobster jelly served in the most gorgeous and creative glassware I've ever seen. It tasted amazing...I'm a big fan of crab and avocado!

My boyfriend's entree made mine look dreadfully boring! It was a Salmon Tartare with some gold leaf served in a bowl chilled with liquid nitrogen. This dish not only tastes divine but the showmanship is what really excites you! If it were tuna, this dish would have been perfection.

This is our waiter, Sylvain putting the finishing touches on my soup with foie gras ravioli. The flavours were amazing, really rich and intense. 

For my main I had a Guinea fowl with some mashed potatoes. A really delicious bird with a delicate crispy skin and moist meat. The potatoes were a buttery dream!

Finally our dessert arrived! It was gorgeously constructed but the only way I can describe it is chocolate on chocolate on chocolate on chocolate...It was chocolate prepared in 5 different ways, more than enough to give the biggest chocoholic a run for their money. 


Dining at L'atelier de Robuchon was absolutely delightful. My boyfriend and I were able to enjoy an incredible meal whilst watching all the action in the kitchen right before us.

If you're ever in Roppongi Hills definitely try this place out. They have a cheaper lunch menu during the day but bookings are still recommended. There's also a little bakery/bread section as well, where you can purchase some freshly baked goods from the restaurant.

Thank you for reading, see you next blog! 

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