Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sushi Adventures. - The Unkown Fire in the Red Lantern.

Hello again,

Today's blog will be about one of the greatest things in the world......Sushi! 
I've recently been to Shira Nui (which I've been to before) and a new place in South Yarra called Akachochin. Shira Nui means unknown fire and Akachochin means red lantern, so I got a bit creative with this post's title. haha

This time at Shira Nui they let us sit on the side so we could see all the chefs at work. I didn't take pictures of everything because the set menu hasn't changed TOO much but here were some of the favourites.

Kingfish, as usual a delicious whitefish..

The most incredibly tender beef.

Tuna steak, you can't go wrong with Tuna. We ordered seconds of this!

This is swordfish. It was my first time eating it and it DEFINITELY won't be my last. It was amazing, it melted in my mouth like butter.

Some lovely Ocean trout belly, I loved the look of this sushi. It reminds me of a beautiful mermaid's tail.

We were also given a little surprise treat from the chef, it was some fried and seasoned fish skin. It was really tasty and crispy.

As usual we ended our meal with dessert, a green tea creme brulee with a little complimentary sorbet served in a shot glass. So cute.

I really love this place. The chef is so ridiculously friendly! He's always so nice to chat with. I learnt more about him this time around.....He's been learning about sushi WAY before I was even born, about 40 years and deep down he's a country boy who likes open spaces over the city. 


The second restaurant came highly recommended from the Age for the best sushi. It's a new place in the South Wharf called Akachochin. It's a lot more modern and stylish and some of the food is pretty amazing. We sat at the bar and I had a cute mini bottle of Choya Umeshu.

I was most impressed by their sushi. Just by looking at the photos, you can see how fresh and high quality the sushi is. I didn't even know salmon could be that amazing and fresh. We also had kingfish, tuna and ocean trout. Yum yum!

We also ordered some Pork Belly.

Wagyu Tataki, which was tender and delicious especially with that sauce.

Some grilled Chicken.

And a Black Sesame Panacotta with Green tea Ice cream. The consistency of the Panacotta was perfect, I ended up eating most of it even though I was supposed to share. 

As usual, I have a habit of  making friends with the Sushi chef, it's really good practice for my Japanese. They always turn out to be SO friendly though, despite their appearance. I think he was from Kanagawa and has been in Melbourne for a couple of years. He was really animated and had a great sense of humour. He gave us a few tips for our Japan trip later this year and said with my level of Japanese we would be okay.


I definitely plan on returning once the weather warms up even more, it'll be really good to go there on a hot day to relax with some fresh sushi and umeshu by the river. 
When I think about it though, I much prefer Shira Nui.... the variety of sushi just trumps any place and I like that it's not all cold. A lot of people are under the impression sushi is ALWAYS cold but at Shira Nui a lot of them are served warm. Shira Nui will destroy any Sushi Sushi roll anyday. haha

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