Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tea Cupping & Food

Hello Readers,

I'm really excited about today's blog so I'm not going to babble on but get straight to it.

On Saturday, I attended the first session of Bistro Vue's Tea Cupping classes. 

This session was focused on Green Tea and they're held by Charles Serveau, the Tea Sommelier who replaced Sarah at Vue de Monde. He was such a delightful teacher and his passion and enthusiasm for tea was inspiring. 

A truly educational and eye opening experience that was held in the beyond gorgeous function room of Bistro Vue, my friend couldn't help but admire the architecture. 

We tried so many different kinds of Green Tea, I felt like I was in heaven. So much precision and care needs to be taken but it's worth it to brew a perfect cup of tea.

The day couldn't have possibly gotten any better....but it did. Our class was followed by a wonderful 3 course lunch paired with matching teas whipped up by the head chef of Bistro Vue, Chris Bonello. Chris was really friendly, such an easy going guy.

Photo courtesy of Charles.

Our first course was Cured Kingfish with salt bush, wood sorrel, lemon oil, seaweed salt.

Second course was Confit Duck Leg with Jerusalem artichoke puree, roasted carrots and beer pickled onions. It was incredible how well the teas matched with this dish.

Finally for dessert a Rum and Vanilla parfait with 8 spice, honey and a White chocolate mousse.
An unforgettable experienced....well worth the early morning wake up and a bargain at $70, in my opinion. I only wish I could afford to attend ALL the sessions.

To top my day off, both Chris and Charles follow me on twitter! I feel kinda star struck haha.


Before I finish this blog I'll do a very brief review and add some last minute food porn.

If you want good pizza in a stylish restaurant setting with spirited and charming waiters, +39 is where it's at. It was The Age's pizzeria of the year and I now understand why.

We ordered 3 pizzas, which were all good but the Quattro Fromaggi was mind-blowing. A 4 cheese pizza that has a really intense flavour.

Dessert was a Nutella pizza with strawberries and vanilla ice cream. It's hard to believe but this was the first time one of my friends had tried Nutella...I was mortified but he'd only been in the country a couple months so I let it slide. hahaha


Now as promised, the food porn.

House Cured Vodka and Beetroot Salmon with a Mandarin, beetroot salad.

Salt and Pepper dusted Squid with Watercress and Mandarin Segments.

Porcini Mushroom and Chicken Risotto.

Beef Burger on a Brioche Bun with beetroot, lettuce, tomato, tasty cheese, bacon.

the CRISPIEST potatoes ever made by my masterchef boyfriend.

Lamb chops and vegies by the boyfriend. Don't let this picture fool you, I ate seconds....or was it thirds?

That's all! Sorry for the long post....See you next blog.

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