Sunday, May 20, 2012

Brunch date with Mum at Cafe Vue

Evening, readers!
I'm back with another tasty blog about my eating experiences.
As a late mother's day celebration, I took my mum out for a nice brunch at Cafe Vue 401 on St Kilda rd.

It was a quaint cafe with a cool interior and rather friendly staff.

We started out with tea and coffee. Cafe Vue have their own coffee called, 5 senses that is, according to my mum quite good. 

My mum and I had their Wagyu beef burger and house chips. Such an excellent burger, there's not that many ingredients in there but it's a simple burger with A LOT of flavour. 

My sister and her boyfriend both had this Wagyu beef pie. I had a taste and it was great! So delicious and hearty and I just love how they plated the mash as well.

We loved the food so much we decided to go for Round 2!
We ordered their "Melbourne Club Sandwich" It was a BLT, A chicken and watercress and a ham sandwich. My favourite was the ham sandwich, it was not your typical school lunch ham it looked gorgeous and the flavour was intense.

Finally, just before you thought we couldn't eat anymore food we had dessert. It was just a macaron each for me and my mum, whilst my sister had a Trio of Chocolate cake.
Unfortunately I have officially made my stance on Macarons....I really don't like them anymore. They're just toooooo sweet for me. However Cafe Vue do make excellent macarons though, they were probably one of the best I've ever had so if you're a macaron lover give these a try.


So I've had a pretty big marathon day of eating today i'll just leave you with a couple more pictures of the food I've tucked into lately.

A friend of mine in my last Japanese class made some fairy bread to celebrate. It was so nostalgic, I haven't had fairy bread since I was in primary school!

A Wagyu beef hot dog from the Snag Stand at Melbourne Central. (just realised I've had a lot of Wagyu lately. haha)

Finally some spanish donuts from Mocha Jo's in Glen Waverley. I prefer my spanish donuts nice and crispy but these were okay. It's such a shame that strawberries aren't in season though.

That's all! See you next blog. :)

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