Monday, November 21, 2011

Napping in a Gay's Muddy Ute.

How is everyone?
How was everyone's exams? I'm so relieved that they're over! 

Mr. Panda at my last exam seemed pretty excited too. It must've been hot to do an exam in that outfit though....


Today a friend and I helped out my friend, Kat move some boxes and stuff from her old house to her new house. We borrowed our friend's gay mate's ute. It was muddy and I had a nap in there as well.

Moving is quite exhausting but of course we goofed around a little as well.

This is a picture of us in her new room, the only piece of furniture at the moment is this full length mirror.


After we finished moving all the boxes and sorting her closet out (she has so many nice dresses), we had ice cream at Cold rock! This was also my first time there.

Super focused on eating ice cream.

She's so cute and awkward sometimes.


I had a Forerro Rocher ice cream with crushed peanut M&M's. It was pretty good. I felt fat, i was the only one who finished their ice cream. :(


Looking forward to my usual coffee/tea with my friend before work tomorrow.


That's all for now! BYEBYE.



  1. cute images and instagrams!

    CMPang x

  2. You're a cutiepie as well Carrie ^___^
    Is Mr. Panda sort of a mascot at your school? That's awesome!